Hi Readers,

Thank you for coming by. This is a new blog where I hope to share information in the aim to inspire you to live abundantly while avoiding or creating debt. Living on the money you have with care and maybe even creating wealth. I hope that readers will respond by sharing their on wealth of experiences and wisdom.

This is a place where we can talk about money; saving some, spending some and using it wisely as to look after the people and things that we care about. A place to talk about earth, it’s beauty and some of the impacts us humans have on her. A place to talk about family, community, society, culture and all the interesting things that interlink in those areas of our lives. A place to talk about crafting as a way to save money, feel pride, nourish our creativity and be kinder to the planet when pursuing upcyling. A place to talk about food, what we eat, how we cook it, where we obtain it, how we grow it, preserve it, save it and waste it. A place to talk about hobbies and passions whatever they may be and a place to talk about relationships, love and even hate.

That’s a lot, I know. But this Blog is about the things that enrich our lives and also about finding abundance in the everyday we lead even when we are on a shoe string budget. I hope you will join me as I aim to live a joyous life with what I have in my pocket.